VAIS - April 15, 2013


Sierra Ejercito: Sierra is always excited to learn something new. She has excelled in kindergarten. Sierra loves to read, especially a new Junie B. Jones book and is up to any challenge. 

Avery Gardner: Avery is an all around great kid. She always puts her best effort forth and has made tremendous progress this year in reading. She started off the year as a shy kid, but has come into her own as a leader in class. She always leads by example and does the right thing. She loves school and has a passion for learning. 

Seth Eithum: Seth is a real gentleman, he is always polite and shows respect to all. Seth loves school, he loves to learn new things in all subject areas and is always excited to share is learning with everyone. He is a hard worker and he is kind to everyone, he has a wonderful way of making everyone smile. 

Anwen Reimer: Anwen is a very matured 1st grader who is consistently leads by example. She cares very much about her classmates and quickly offers her assistance when she sees a friend in need. She has a passion for learning. Her Chinese language video has been extremely impressive this year. We are proud of Anwen and enjoying traveling on this learning adventure with her.

Joshua Dimond: Joshua has an exceptional knack to connect pieces of knowledge to see the bigger picture.This is evident in all subject areas, but especially so during social studies and science investigations! His intelligence that is expressed in a modest way has been a great inspiration in our classroom! 

Mason Cote: Mason, who joined our first grade, learning community this year, demonstrates impressive leadership qualities. He does not only want to do well himself, but he wants the whole class to do rise up together. He especially excels in math with his acute mind and logical thinking skills. In reading he has realized that comparing yourself to others is not as fun as comparing how you are reading today with how you read yesterday! We are proud of his new understanding that individuals have unique abilities that make them special to those in their community.

Serenity Gardener: Serenity is an all around great 1st grader. She is passionate about learning everything and consistently puts forth her best effort. She is focusing on expanding her vocabulary in order to enjoy understanding what she reads.Her amazing organizational skills and caring heart sets a great example to others. She enjoys helping others -especially her teachers. We are blessed to have her in our VAIS community.

Alex Prout: Alex has shown tremendous growth in his ability to be an active learning partner. He listens well to team members and respectfully offers his ideas about the task at hand. Others enjoy his company, as he is a caring member of our school community. Additionally, Alex has made great progress in the study of language- both Mandarin and English! We are proud of his efforts and look forward to being a part of his continued progress. Alex works hard in all areas and we are proud to present this award to him this evening.

Mikala Feller: Mikala has an amazing talent in the art of storytelling!   She applies her skills to composing pieces with extremely interesting details to character and plot development. Her classmates especially loved her story about “Andy the Shark” and his struggles at school! In science and Chinese, she applies her critical thinking skills to acquire a deeper understanding of new concepts. She is an exemplary role model and shows great empathy toward any member in her community.

Aliya Maly: Aliya continues to study not two, but THREE languages. She is an accomplished reader of English and has been focusing on expanding her English vocabulary by recording new and interesting words as she reads. She has read the book, The Beautiful Warrior: The Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu, by Emily Arnold McCully, several time in order to tackle the many challenging vocabulary words included within its pages. Additionally, she excels in all areas of Chinese language arts. Aliya is talented when organizing and managing her time and she helps others, whenever she sees a friend in need.
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