Full Exercise Schedule

2016 VFitt Fall Schedule

Badger Ridge Middle School
5:45 am MWF Functional Movement Jude Main Gym
4:15 pm M Insanity Amy Aux Gym
4:15pm TH Strength & Tone Krista Aux Gym
10:00am SUN Boot Camp Jodie Aux Gym
(begins Oct 2)

Country View
3:15pm M Yoga (begins Oct 3) Deb LMC
3:15pm W Zumba(r) Amelia Gym

Glacier Edge
3:00pm W Mash-up(pilates/strength/cardio) Lindsey Gym
5:30am T Tabata w/weights Laurie Weight Room
4:15pm W Flow Yoga Deb Lower LMC
5:45am W Walk/Run Laurie Pac Entrance
5:30am TH Circuit Laurie Weight Room
7:45am SAT Boot Camp Andrea Weight Room
*enter at rear doors by practice field*

Sugar Creek
3:00pm TH 20 minBOOTCAMP CIrcuit Laurie Gym (begins Oct 13)
3:15pm TH Mindful Walk & Stretch Laurie Gym
(begins Oct 13)
4:15pm M Power Stretch Venus Fitness Room
8:00am SAT Turbo Kick Jen Step Room/Fitness

Stoner Prairie
3:30pm W Pilates Jodie Music Room
4:00pm TH Zumba(r) Amelia Gym (?)

Functional Movement: Incorporates a wide variety of equipment geared toward developing mobility, balance, strength and body awareness. You will improve movement proficiency in all three movement planes; great for any level with immediate application for virtually any activity you enjoy.

Circuit Training: Alternates 1 min of cardio with 1 min of
weights. 3 min walking warm-up, 20 min circuit x2, 5 min stretch.
All levels welcome.

Tabatta: Combo strength moves for 20 sec/rest 10 sec. 6-8 sets. 1 min rest. New move, repeat 6-8 sets. Light weights can be added as an option. 3 min warm-up, 30 min. of 6-8 exercises. 5 min stretch.

Walk/Run: Meet at the entrance of the PAC. We walk 5 min, then run 1
min, walk 1, run 2, walk 1, run 3, walk 1, run 4, walk 1, repeat - 45 min.
Last 15 min is core and stretch if you can stay!

Zumba: Latin and world music-based dance fitness class for all ages and abilities.
Strength & Tone: Incorporates hand weights with strength moves. No jumping involved! Great for any level.

Yoga/Yoga Flow: Each class is suitable for ALL LEVELS of practitioners. The classes are going to incorporate different types of yoga from Vinyasa to relaxing and rejuvenating Yin. Each class will end with a time for meditation.
There will be additional ideas given to use with students in each of your classrooms. Yoga mats are provided if needed.

Power Stretch: Let go of stress through stretching and breathing. This class is geared to help you let go of a long day of work, focusing on your power within. We will perform long gentle stretch movements with deep, mindful breathing.

Insanity, Boot Camp, Mash-Up: All incorporate intervals of strength and cardio designed to push your limits. Some classes use your own body weight, some classes use weights, bands, tubes, etc. All classes can be modified to fit your level so don’t be intimidated!
Mindful Walk and Stretch: 10-15 minute focused Mindful Walk (option to walk on own if preferred) followed by 20-25 minute total body stretch. Any level welcome!