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LTC Department
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Portland, ME 04122
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Long Term Care Insurance
The District shall cover 100% of the premium for Retirees enrolled in the Basic plan.  Enhanced benefits will be available for retirees who choose to pay the additional premium cost themselves for the enhanced benefits.  The plan is portable, upon retirement and retiree may continue the policy and submit yearly reimbursements for base plan coverage for up to 7 years or until age 65.  Please submit a copy of your statement and a copy of your check and mail this to:

Verona Area School District
Attn: Payroll
700 N. Main Street
Verona, WI  53593

 Basic Plan 1
    a) Nursing Home Facility & Professional Home Care
    b) Facility Monthly Benefit Amount - $1,000
    c) Facility Benefit Duration - 3 Years

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