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Organizations, groups, or individuals will be assigned available space on a first come, first serve basis and in accordance with the community request schedule below. However, requests for recurring practices for any organization or club will be subject to the facility and time selection process listed below.

Facility Usage Dates:

Request Forms Accepted Starting:

Processing Begins:

First Day of School - Oct 31st, 2020

May 1st, 2020

June 15th, 2020

Nov 1st - March 31st, 2020/2021

July 1st, 2020

*August 15th, 2020

April 1st - Last Day of School, 2021

December 1st, 2020

January 15th, 2021

First Day Summer Break - Last Day of Summer Break, 2020

February 1st, 2020

March 15th, 2020

"Fall/Winter application processing is on hold until further notice.  VASD buildings and grounds are closed to community groups until further notice and applications will not be processed until the district decides to open facilities for rentals."

Priority Categories:
1. Verona Area School District directed activities
2. Municipal Recreation Department Programs (Verona or Fitchburg)
3. VASD student interest groups (e.g. VASD Boosters, VASD PTO, VASD Scouts) or VASD non-profit* club sports
a. More than 90% of participants must be current resident VASD students and/or parents/guardians of current VASD students
4. VASD Individual Residents or VASD non-profit organizations
a. VASD resident individuals (e.g. birthday parties, family reunions)
b. VASD non-profit* organizations (e.g. Verona Area Concert Band, Verona Area Community Theater)
c. VASD non-profit* club sports with greater than 50% but less than 90% of participants being current resident VASD students
5. VASD for-profit organization or non-VASD resident non-profit* organizations
6. Other users

*non-profit organizations must provide a 501(c)(3)

Activity Priority Seasons: August 1st - October 31st: Volleyball, Football, Boys Soccer, Cross Country, Dance, Cheer November 1st - March 15th: Gymnastics, Basketball, Wrestling, Dance, Cheer March 16th - May 31st: Softball, Baseball, Girls Soccer, Lacrosse, Track

"Note: Due to WIAA changing HS sports seasons for the 2020/2021 season, the sports and seasons listed above may not reflect the appropriate seasons for the 2020/2021 school year.  High School sports and WIAA schedules will continue to have priority in facility reservations."

Process for Determining Space:

  1. All requests must be submitted by using this facility use request form.

    1. Non Profit status (e.g. 501(c)(3) form including tax exempt number) and/or Certificates of Insurance must be uploaded with the form and/or already on file with the District office or the request form will be considered null and void.

  2. Any request made prior to the accepted start date will be deleted and a new form will need to be turned in within the submittal date range .

    1. The District welcomes regional, state, and national competitions and large scale events (e.g. athletic tournaments, PAC performances, craft fair) and will therefore accept applications for these special events outside of the submission date guidelines.  However, these requests will be reviewed and must be approved by each of the following: Facility & Event Scheduling Coordinator, HS Athletic Director, School Principal, Facility Director, and Maintenance & Grounds Director.

      1. When a user group reaches 50+ participants and/or attendees during weekend use, it shall be customary to require one custodian to be present during the event.  If a user group reaches 200+ or more participants, it will be customary to require at least two custodians to be present during the event. (Board Policy 830 Rule B:4)

  3. When request processing begins, all requests will be sorted in order of their priority category (Figure 2), then by the date and time stamp listed on the online request form.

  4. After VASD directed activities requests have been processed, community requests will be reviewed, starting with VASD student interest groups.

  5. If the date, time, and facility is available, a facility agreement form will be sent to the requesting individual for their review and signature.  The form must be signed and returned within 3 business days or the request will be considered null and void, and the space will be opened up to the next requesting group.  Once the facility agreement form has been signed and returned to the VASD Facility & Event Scheduling Coordinator, a confirmation email will be sent. 

    1. An alternative facility option will be offered, if one is available, to anyone requesting space that is already reserved by another group.

  6. For organizations or clubs requesting recurring practice time, each organization’s leader will be given the chance to select 10 court hours of practice time per week, one organization or club at a time, until all needs are met or the facility space is exhausted. 

    1. For example:  Basketball clubs A, B, and C, which all fall within the same priority category, have requested practice time from 4pm - 10pm, Monday through Friday.  Sorted by the order in which their applications were received, Team A will be allowed to choose the first 10 individual court hours of practice time, per week, during the requested date range.  Team B will then be given the chance to choose the next available 10 court hrs, per week. Lastly, Team C will choose their 10 court hours, per week, of practice time. If facility time is still available, the selection process will begin again at the top of the list (Team A), who will have the opportunity to select an additional 10 court hours, per week, of available gym time.  This cycle will continue until all organizations’ needs are met or facility space is exhausted.

    2. For organizations or clubs that fall within this selection process, a timeline for selecting available facility space will be communicated to each organization or club leader. 

      1. Each leader will be instructed when it is their turn to choose their preferred 10 court hours, per week of time on a calendar, which will be provided by the District Facility & Events Scheduling Coordinator.

      2. Each leader will have 24 hours, from the time they are emailed the availability calendar, to choose their 10 hours of time and submit their selection to the scheduling coordinator.  If their selection is not submitted within those 24 hours, the calendar will be passed onto the next group leader in line.

        1. Chosen time shall be submitted using the district submission form provided by the Facility & Events Scheduling Coordinator.

          1. All information needs to be filled in on the form for the submission to be valid. (i.e. School Location, Date, Time, Organization/Club Name, Team Grade Level, etc.)

        2. Facility time may not be reserved for less than 1 total hour.  If multiple hours are chosen on the same day of the week, the chosen time must be both consecutive and coinciding within the same facility, unless nonsequential times are all that is left available.  (i.e. A group needing 4 hours of practice is not able to book Court A from 4pm - 8pm; the group must instead book Court A & B from 4pm - 6pm)

      3. The scheduling coordinator will notate the selections made and pass the calendar onto the next group leader in line for selecting facility time. 

  7. Once request forms for organizations, groups or individuals within the first priority category have been processed, the next group of request forms will be reviewed.  This request form review cycle will continue until all forms, within each priority category, have been processed and/or district space(s) is exhausted.


Additional Facility Conditions:

  • In-season sports have priority over non-season sports.  High School & Middle School (i.e. WIAA sanctioned) teams take precedence over community and club teams, regardless of seasonality.

  • If school is closed due to unforeseen incidents (weather, crisis, etc.), all events held in school facilities are cancelled, unless prior arrangements have been made.  (Board Policy 830 Rule A:9)

  • District indoor and outdoor facilities are available to reserve from 4pm - 10pm Monday through Friday, and 8am - 10pm Saturdays and Sundays.  Elementary school classrooms are not available to reserve until after 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Middle School and High School classrooms are not available until after 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Athletic practice gymnasium assignments: 

    • K - 5th grade sports may only schedule gym time at Stoner Prairie, Country View, Glacier Edge, and Sugar Creek

    • 6th - 8th grade may only schedule gym time at Badger Ridge, Savanna Oaks, or any of the elementary schools listed above

    • 9th - 12th grade may schedule gym time at any gym facility

  • Once all request forms have been reviewed, for all priority categories, and every group has been accommodated, K - 8th grade groups may use any facility that has space left available.

  • Club sports may not reserve more than one court per team, per hour, for practice time.

  • Any questions concerning priority status will be reviewed resolved by the school district and user applications related thereto are subject to audit and verification. Users shall be expected to cooperate in any such review.

To request a VASD facility, please fill out this facility use request form

VASD Facility Fee Schedule

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Aquatics Centers Rental Information

If you have questions about facility reservations, please contact Jeanene Ennis, (608) 845-4329 or

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