District Unveils Equity Framework to Address Mission of "Every Student Must Be Successful"

District Unveils Equity Framework to Address Mission of "Every Student Must Be Successful"
Posted on 02/19/2016
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Superintendent Dean Gorrell recently shared his Equity Framework message to staff and families (see video here).

Our world, including Fitchburg, Verona, Madison and all the surrounding areas is changing rapidly. The needs of all of the students and families we serve contribute to that change and compel us as an organization to change to meet those needs. 

If a student is NOT succeeding, we believe this has an enormous impact on students, educators, parents, policy makers, employers, employees, residents, homeowners, and citizens. As a community, we must take responsibility for EVERY student. 

Working toward equity involves:

•Removing the predictability of success and failure that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor. 
•Interrupting inequitable practices, examining biases, and creating inclusive school environments for all.
•Infusing equity in every aspect of our work; equity is not a separate initiative.

Unveiling the Equity Framework Throughout the District:
•We will guide goal-setting at the district, site, department, & classroom level to ensure we are working to support EVERY student. This includes all staff and site council members to:
-- align school goals to the Equity Framework (conducting at least two reviews per year of progress towards meeting site goals);
-- analyze 
their budgets aligning it with the Equity Framework;
-- p
rovide opportunities for discussion and reflection on the Equity Framework (classroom, grade level, site and site council and teams).

•We will create actionable steps or plans to achieve more equitable outcomes with suggested data and tools.
•We will review our programming, supports, and actions to ensure an integrated focus on equity.

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How will we know every student is successful?
•Every student in VASD has a personalized learning plan that provides a path to discovery and achievement and that plan is reviewed and changed at least annually based on the student’s needs.
•Every student’s parent, guardian or advocate participates directly in the design, implementation, and outcomes of that student’s personalized learning plans.
•Every student meets or exceeds the goals of his or her personalized learning plan every school year.
•Every VAHS student graduates.
•Every VAHS graduate achieves their choice of college and career path, as detailed in their personalized learning plan.

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