Family Communication System

The Verona Area School District utilizes a service, called SchoolMessenger, that enables the district to automatically notify all VASD parents/guardians and staff of desired messages, such as an emergency (closing due to inclement weather or a school lockdown) or for important upcoming events or information. Individual schools may also choose to use this service to communicate specific school information or for attendance notifications. 

IMPORTANT: SchoolMessenger is capable of delivering messages by phone calls/voicemail, email, and text message. BUT...due to federal regulations, users must "opt-in" to allow our schools to text you important information. You can do so by texting "Y" to the number "67587"

You can also watch this one-minute video to select HOW you desire to receive messages on your phone:
English Video
Spanish Video

How can you, as a family, ensure the system works best for you?
•SchoolMessenger utilizes contact information we have on file from YOU in PowerSchool, our student information system. It is very important to have current contact information in this system. When you go through the online registration process before the start of the school year, you may make any necessary updates. After online registration takes place you may contact your child’s school office to inform them of any new changes to your contact information. Please note that all information and contact numbers are strictly secure and confidential. 

•Know that Caller ID will display the main number for the school if a call comes in through the SchoolMessenger system.

•Press * to replay a voice mail message if you were not able to clearly understand it the first time around.

•If the SchoolMessenger system encounters a busy, no answer or failed call (such as a bad number or line), the system will typically retry that number(s) three times in 15-minute increments.

•If you accidently hang up on the call, or if you feel a message has somehow been missed, simply dial back the number the call came from to hear up to 10-days of past message history. Your call must originate from phone number to which message was originally sent.

SchoolMessenger also offers a toll-free Message Retrieval Line where you can hear voice messages that were recently sent. The phone number is 855-955-8500.

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